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Ozzie’s Last Day

In my world, for the last 7 years there was a big beautiful, larger then life dog named Ozzie. He was a golden doodle.

I am dedicating today’s post to him.

He had a smile that could turn the even darkest of days to bright.

He would dance for his food, prance on his walks, he loved hide-and-go-seek, he was a bit of a foolish clown, and a gentle giant.

Every day he made me feel safe, and adored.

This morning at 2AM, I watched the light go out of his eyes.  The last day had been a roller coaster, his two lungs collapsed, it was unexpected.  There was no trauma, no definitive cause, there was nothing we could have done.  In a way, it was very random, and extremely unexpected. Do to his age, the fact he was happy, healthy, well pampered, went to the vet regularly for check-ups and loved we expected 3-6+ more years.

I am not going to ask the world why, I am not going to shout out and make a scene about unfairness, as that is not going to bring him back.

What I shall do is just feel grateful that I got to be with him in his last moments, blessed for all the moments that he made me smile, he made me laugh and was my friend, and that he loved me purely and unconditionally.

Today is a sad day.  But, if Ozzie has taught me anything while he graced our lives with his presence is to enjoy every moment, to laugh often, that every person you meet is a new possible friend and to find contentment in the simplest things.

Ozzie, you shall be sorely missed.

But tomorrow shall be a brighter day.

I have attached one of my last photo shoots Of Ozzie.  He is with my nephew.  This is how I will remember him, with people he loved most, smiling.


With Love,

Lindsay Dewar
Linden Photography
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The Welcome Wagon Show Follow-up

I had a fabulous time at the Welcome Wagon Bridal show.  There were many amazing vendors, wonderful brides, lovely new products, and so much more.  It seemed to be a bustling sort of day.  I truly had the best time being the show photographer.

New Product Line Alert!  I now am offering custom made photo jewellery.  It is wearable art!  I do all the designs myself.  You can choose from a variety of the many different samples or you can choose an art photo or an image from a photo shoot we have done together.  The sky is the limit.

Below are some of the amazing vendors, pretty flowers, delicious confections and beautiful fashions you may have seen at the show.  Also, photos of some of the many lucky prize winners, congratulations to you all!

To see the full gallery of images visit my client gallery section of my website and click on Welcome Wagon 2011.



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Welcome Wagon Bridal Show and Prize Package!

I will be at the Welcome Wagon Bridal show this Sunday October 6th. Doors open at 1 pm. Located at Horizons Event Centre Hwy 10 north of Hockley Rd behind Mono Plaza.

I will be the show photographer, so if you don’t see me at my booth look for me walking around with my camera.

I would love to see you there!

And, one lucky person could win this beautiful show prize!  Everyone who comes to the show has a chance!  Best of luck.

Don’t forget to check out your gift bag you receive at the door for a cute and tasty surprise and as well as gift from Linden!

I look forward to seeing you there, and thank-you for showing your support.

Lindsay Dewar

Linden Photography


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Katkic Parson’s Wedding Sneak Peek

Elena and Alan were one of those couples you just couldn’t help falling in love with they were gracious, fun, genuine, real, kind and so love each other.

This beautiful wedding was photographed at both the Best Western and the KayCee Gardens.  We really couldn’t have asked for more lovely weather, or a perfect day!

These are one of those moments, I really love to share.


Lindsay Dewar

Linden Photography


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