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“Land of Linden” A Visual Showcase

Come Follow
the white Rabbit…
To Aardvark Music and Culture
December 10th, 2011
Starting at 7pm

For the Opening night of
“Land of Linden”
The Visual Showcase.

Featuring the Houseplants
playing Live!

There will be Giveaways and Prizes but,
You must be at the show to win!

And Linden will be Releasing an image
Exclusively to Show Opening Night.

It is going to be a One of a kind
visual experience.

I will be posting prize details soon!

Don’t forget to invite your friends!


There are going to be some really cool new items for purchase at the show such as vintage wearable art, calendars, post cards, greeting cards, photo books and so much more.

To confirm you are coming to the event please go here:

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Made With Love


When you visit a local bridal show, you often receive a bridal bag. It is filled with many goodies from different vendors.  It will have fliers and coupons, business cards and amongst the various items you will find this cookie.

It was baked for each one of you with thought, attention to detail and care.  It is not something that arrives from a baker or a gift making company.  It is directly from the center of Linden to you.

Each show about 250 little cookies are baked from scratch, designed with thought and care, and packaged with love. It takes a few days of time. By the end I have cookies on every counter space possible.

I do this because I believe every item, even a bridal bag giveaway is important.  It is a gift.  I do this so you know that even though we haven’t met, I care about the details, I care about making your experience fun and enjoyable.

So when you are looking through your bag and you find that delicious confection, know that I was thinking about you.

I hope you enjoy!

Made with love,

Lindsay Dewar

Linden Photography

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