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Candice and David Engagement

Candice and David Engagement

This is Candice and David.  They were such a beautiful couple to work with.  Very relaxed, sweet, easy going and fun. They really just wanted for me to just go with the feeling of the day and have fun.  These types of photo shoots are always exciting.  It means the sky is the limit.

We did this photo shoot on a very cold sort of day.  They were troupers withstanding the briskness, especially down by the water.

This photo shoot was taken in Toronto at Kew Beach and a pretty park nearby park.  The indoor photos were of Candice’s family homes, it is something that means a lot to her family and she wanted it to be apart of the photo.

This shoot was photographed in a modern vintage style with an undeniable tones of romance.

I loved our time together!

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