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Shanna and Brad Engagement Sneak Peek- Changing Perspectives

Shanna and Brad Engagement Sneak Peek- Changing Perspectives



When I met Brad and Shanna, they had mentioned how they had been searching for just the right photographer.  They looked through many options and just couldn’t find someone that was perfect for their vision. And then they found myself; an artist that could view the world differently.

When couples come to me, and ask me to think outside the box and parameters, it pushes me to look beyond what exists to what could be; it encourages me to flex my creative muscle.

I was actually wowed by this couple. Brad is a hockey player, attractive; he is internationally traveled, out-going, loves animals, has impeccable taste, knows what he wants, deserves and goes for it.  He has a beautiful, supportive and loving fiance named Shanna. He also happens to be in a wheel chair.  However, he does in no way let this define who he is.  Brad is probably one of the most abled people I have ever met. He lives a life that not all of us can say we do.  To live with strength in self.  I find him inspiring.

When I see Brad and Shanna, I honestly just see what a good looking couple they are, and their adoration for each other.  It makes me want to show that feeling to the whole world.

I wanted to make the shoot about them, and their love.  I researched what photographers do when there is a wheel chair in the mix?  I looked for hours.  In the end, the sad thing I found is that the chair was the focus, that the creativity was lost. No one shifted their perspective to give the couple what they needed. To be honest this did not sit well with me.

Like with most challenges I come across this I urged me to improve as an artist.

Why can’t photographers see past the chair? I thought.  It is about people; that is what life has always been about.  We come in all shapes, forms, heights, and from all walks of life. So, I decided to change things as online Linden can.

This was actually such a fun shoot. It felt like stepping out into the unknown.  And from it we just enjoyed the moment, and how the shoot unfolded.

The Alder Street Library and the Rink in Hillsburgh Arena was really all for us taking photos in their locations.

This was Shanna and Brads first photo shoot, I would say that they acted as naturals.  I am looking forward to their wedding in about a month!

Celebrating creative thinking and inspiring each other by living our lives to the fullest.

Lindsay Dewar
Linden Photography


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