About The Artist

I am a dreamer. I believe in creating the extraordinary.

If you are looking for a plain, run of the mill photographer, I am not for you.

If you are looking for a fun, silly, creative, old soul, who believes whatever you dream and think is possible, then I would be delighted to take your hand and create your own unique story and vision.

I encourage the following: imagination, silliness, laughter, fun, honesty, unexpected inspiration, playing with light, discovering the details, finding the beauty in both dark and light places, being yourself, and friendship.

What type of photographer am I? I am a life and people photographer. What we wear, eat, who we love, the pets we keep, the events we share, where we visit, when it comes down to the heart of it is about people. It is about you.

What I do, in the simplest terms is a find that magic glimmer: the moment right before. Before you laugh, before tears of joy, before the sun touches the horizon line, before the quiet simplicity of a breathless moment, before you give that sly gaze that gives your true self away, before the rush of surprise or emotion takes you.

So at the very right instant, at the very right moment, with a bit of light and glass, I can embrace the moment as it was meant to be shown to the world, to be remembered.

Linden Photography is not your ordinary photography company; it is an experience.


Lindsay Dewar
Linden Photography