Q & A

01. How did Linden Photography get its name?TOP

Linden comes from the meaning of my name.  Lindsay means from the Linden Tree or Linden Tree by the water. Linden trees are locally based, Canadian grown, have romantic, heart-shaped leaves and beautiful white flowers in summer.  They are resilient.

Linden is a way of saying Lindsay’s vision; it where my heart and creativity flourish.

Linden is me.

02. I am getting engagement portraits done; what should I wear, and is there anything I should bring to the shoot?TOP

Dressy casual best describes what you should wear:  neutral colours, or medium colours.  Nothing overly bright or with huge patterns, things like this appear distracting, for studio portraits.  Wear something you feel comfortable and can move it.  Do not wear anything you would never normally wear; you will look out of place in the photos if you do.

For the indoor portraits, you can bring something a little more dressy if you want.  Usually couples bring 2 different outfits, but if you want to bring more feel free to do so.  Dark blue jeans are fine; just make sure nothing is ripped or stained etc. Pick something that you like wearing and that you feel good in.

Usually men wear khakis or jeans, a dress shirt or a t-shirt.   Women wear jeans or a skirt, a pretty dress, t-shirt or blouse.  Nothing with small spaghetti straps or a plunging neckline, it really doesn’t transition well into the photos.  Accent pieces like necklaces, cute earrings or bracelets are good too, just nothing that will distract from your engagement ring.

You want the shoot to reflect you as a couple; choose an outfit or two that suits you.  Shoes are usually runners for guys, just make sure they aren’t really old or have “talking” soles.  Men also sometimes wear dress shoes.  For women, the sky is the limit: sandals, runners, boots, high heels. Choose something that suits your style.

Also, what you wear also depends whether it is an indoor or outdoor photo shoot.  Accessories, hats, and scarves always add a fun whimsical element to the shoot.  For outdoor fall and winter portraits, you can never go wrong with textured or knit clothing in rich or earthy colours.

Here is the place answer content.

03. How long are engagement Portrait Sessions?TOP

A standard engagement session lasts from 1-1.5 hours at one location.  However, you can certainly request a longer shoot, and multiple locations at additional costs.

04. What is a Sneak Peek?TOP

This is a preview of the photos, a selection of my favorite photos taken during your session or event.  It adds to the anticipation and excitement of what is to come. The Sneak Peek arrives 1-2 weeks after event or session.

05. When will my client gallery be available to view?TOP

Simple portrait sessions take 2-3 weeks to be available to view.

Your wedding and large event client gallery will be available to view 3-4 weeks after you wedding date.  All galleries are processed in order of the event photographed.

Peek seasons take longer processing times.

06. How long will my gallery be online to view?TOP

6 months.

07. What is Boudoir?TOP

It is whatever you would like to make of it.  It is a flirty, fun photo shoot, that focuses on the different aspects of yourself.  As women, we are romantic, sexy, silly, mysterious, and beautiful.  The point of boudoir is to feel empowered and wonderful.  Women often get these sessions done for a fiance, husband or boyfriend, or for an event such as a bachelorette party.

However, it is a growing trend for women to have a boudoir session done just because or just for themselves to make them feel wonderful.

It is truly such a pleasure to allow women to see how amazing they are.  In a world with many false expectations of beauty, I like to focus on true beauty, real beauty, your beauty.

Boudoir is very classy, and old world sexy.  My style of shooting is reminiscent of vintage pin-up.

08. How many outfits or concepts do you cover for a one hour boudoir session?TOP

Only 1-2 looks or 1-2 concepts are provided per hour.

09. For my boudoir session do I have to be nude or wear lingerie?TOP

Not at all, I work with you comfort level.  Boudoir is more about the feeling of the shoot, opposed to what you are wearing.  You can be fully clothed in a flirty summer dress, wear a tapered power suit, cocktail dress or even wear a vintage bathing suit.  I personally like having a bit of allure in my imagery by leaving some of what you see up to the imagination.  My advice to you is to wear something that makes you feel genuinely wonderful.

10. What are some items I can bring to a boudoir shoot?TOP

Stay-up stockings (neutral and black), thigh highs (the type with the line up the back are preferred)
Stilettos and high-heels, kitten heels
Corset (choose something longer) or Underbust corset
Men’s button-up shirt
Ties, or overalls
Cheeky underwear (one dark, one light/nuetral, one fun and playful colour)
Lacey bras- something soft and femine, pastels or black
Scarves, or tie
Garter belt
Accessories: earrings, pretty hair flowers, bracelets, necklaces
(chose pieces that are beautiful, feminine or statement pieces)
Clips to do up your hair
A couple shades of lipstick
A robe for between changes
Any sheer materials
Fun flirty dresses, little black dress or cocktail dress
Long or short gloves
Clothing that is soft, feminine with movement.
Simple and subtle designs often work really well
Teddy or negligee

Under NO circumstances bring a thong.  They simply do not have a classic, classy feel that is required.  And in no way meet the standards of the type of boudoir imagery I photograph.

11. Even with the list of clothing items, I do not know what to wear; can you help? (ie. wardrobe styling)TOP

Yes, I definitely can.  I offer wardrobe styling, or to come along with you as a personal shopper.

My fees are $25 per hour.  I find this option puts a lot of clients at ease.  It helps to have a fresh perspective, and to have someone help your true beauty shine through.

12. What preparation should I take before a boudoir photo shoot? TOP

If you are getting a facial, do this one week before, not the day before. As it can bring out skin imperfections such as dryness, blotchiness and minor breakouts.
When painting your nails  choose a polish that is pretty and fun, that matches the majority of your outfits.
Moisturize your skin and exfoliate.
Keep hydrated, and make sure you get sleep!
Do not wear clothing too tight to the shoot that will create lines or indents on the skin
When tanning, choose to do this a couple days before as well, not the day before. We want your skin luminescent but not bright red.

13. Can I hire you to do boudoir styled photo shoots at an event such as a birthday, bachelorette party or just because?TOP

Of course! It will definitely add a very fun, flirty and memorable element to you special event.

14. I am interested in pregnancy photography; when should I have this done?TOP

Usually pregnancy shoots are suggested during the 7th month or the 8th month at the latest. However, this also has to do with your comfort as well.

15. What items should I bring to a pregnancy session?TOP

Stuffed animals, baby booties, blocks that say baby
You can use some things you want to reuse at the newborn shoot.

The sonogram picture

Clothing: choose things that you feel pretty and comfortable in, yet that also show the definition of your belly. Simple neutral colours are usually best like black, white, grey, medium, blue, pink etc.  Bold colours work really great also, such as red or magenta.
Try to steer clear from bold graffiti prints.

Any props to do with the season, for example: summer would be beach balls or a bathing suit/bikini, shells.

Bring a robe (soft feminine) or strapless bra if you have one.

If you would like to do something more sexy, you can bring boy shorts, bra and panties to do something pinup-ish, or your significant other’s dress shirt or and item of theirs.

Any accessories for your hair are perfect as well, like floppy summer hats or hair flowers.

16. I am interested in new born photography, when should I book my session?TOP

To have those perfect sleepy, dreamy portraits of a brand new baby, these should be done within the first 4-7 days of the birth to get look you want to achieve. Generally the earlier the better.

17. How should I prepare for a newborn session?TOP

Make sure your baby is feed and sleepy upon arrival at the photo shoot.

Prepare to be patient.  Many mini breaks are required.  Babies aren’t aware there is a photo shoot going on.

Come with diaper changes, bottles, soothers, clean towels, diaper pads, and baby wipes.  If you would like a nude photo keep in mind accidents happen, so be prepared.

Meaningful toys, an item with the new babies name on it, cute little hats or clothing.  Anything seasonal to do with the time of year.

Heating pads and warm blankets are also a must to keep your little one feeling warm and safe.

I encourage both mom and dad to come to the session.

18. Can I have you make birth announcements?TOP

Yes, I have a beautiful fineart printer that I can make all your printing needs a reality.

19. Will you come to my home or location for an engagement, newborn, pregnancy or boudoir session etc.?TOP

I definitely travel to locations.  Locally within the Orangeville area, there are no charges.  Mileage is charged for locations not local.

I am available for sessions all throughout Dufferin and GTA. I am also open to destination travel.

I have photographed in Orangeville, Alton, Shelburne, Caledon, Guelph, Brampton and Toronto.  I am also opened to visiting new locations as well.

20. Do you offer destination wedding photography?TOP

Yes, I would love to travel for your wedding.  Couples must provide photographer and assistant travel and accommodations, a minimum of 4 nights to prepare for the wedding on site.  The photographer needs to arrive a minimum of two days before the wedding and must have accommodations in the same location as the bride and groom.

Fees vary depending upon package and hours requested.

21. What is a photobooth?TOP

A photobooth is a fun experience for you and your guests to enjoy on the day.  It is a studio setup with lighting and back drop.  Fun and creative props are provided.  Photobooths really have an option for everyone.  You can do silly, candid photos, traditional classical portraiture, and perhaps a guest or someone of importance was not available during the formal portraits, this is a perfect time to capture their image as well.

22. I already have a wedding photographer ,but I would love you to do a photobooth; can I hire this service for my reception?TOP

Yes, definitely.  The minimum time a photo booth is available is one hour. For locations beyond Orangeville, Ontario, there are travel fees.

23. What are my photobooth back drop options?TOP

Black, white, red and green.  However, if you give advanced notice, other colour options can be made available to you.

24. What is a Little Linden Photoshoot?TOP

The best way to describe Little Linden is a celebration of youth, and flights of fancy.

This type of shoot is for all the little ones who sprout fins in the bathtub and take flight in their back yards.

For all the pirates and cowboys/girls,
For the knights and wizards who have epic battles on the lawn,
For those super heros and heroines in our mists.

Little Linden is about creating the story or fairytale of their childhood; one that they will wear out by reading and viewing again and again.

“Mommy and Daddy, do you remember the day I was a fairy, when I met a real unicorn?”

The photo shoot is about embracing innocence, imagination and creativity by encouraging children to be themselves and allowing them to act their age.  No child should grow up too fast.

Little Linden is a  place for your child where the possibilities are endless.

Let’s cherish their childhood together.

It is great gift for holidays, celebrations, birthdays or just because.

25. I would like Christmas portrait session. How early should I book?TOP

The best option is to book during November and the latest early December.  I will do photo shoots later in December, but bare in mind, due to the amount of orders at this time of year, your prints/books will not be available until January.  Early is always the best option.

26. What is the printing timeframe for products?TOP

Photo Prints take up to 7 business days.

Thank-you presscards and postcards take up to 10 business days.

Specialty C.d Cases and Photo boxes take up to 12 business days.

Canvases and Flushmounts take up to 8-9 business days to process.

Finart Albums and Coffee table Books take up to 14 business days.

Rush print orders can be available with additional fee.

Orders can only be processed as fast as the clients give me the full details.

27. Who designs the Albums?TOP

I custom create all the album designs. They are individual, customer specific and sequential to the day.

Samples are sent out to the client of the final design, and will not be sent to the printer until the final okay is given by the client.

Minor changes or requests can be made, such as one or two favorite image can be chosen to be in the book. For photographer designed book, only minimal changes can be requested.

Clients trust my vision to create something one of a kind and beautiful for them.

28. Can I help design my Album or Book?TOP

Yes, you can definitely request a client directed album. This album will include all specific images you have picked, as well as your choice and direction for page layouts.  This is a specialty item/request and is charged at an hourly fee.

29. Do you have another question not answered here?TOP

Please contact me here.