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Cosmopawlitan Family Day 2013

Cosmopawlitan Family Day 2013














I had a wonderful time at the Cosmopawlitan Family Day Event this past Monday.

I met some of wonderful pets and delightful owners. It was nice to see friendly faces.

We were visited by two amazing dogs named Taffy and Sammy from the Dog Rescuers Inc. Once in very hard life threatening circumstances,

but now in their forever homes.

A whole parade of dogs in support of the Pit Bull Co-op  came to visit the shop, in which I got to meet both Pearl and Teddy. Both gentle, mild mannered, sweethearts.

They even had a documentary film crew in tow, those soon to be movie stars.

And not to forget both Missy and Bro, brother and sister cats looking for their person. You can come by and visit them at the shop today.

It was such a warm loving environment, it is obvious for much Hoann and the Cosmopawlitan family really love what they do.  It was lovely to be part of such a brilliant day.

If you are interested in purchasing prints, click client-galleries and select cosmopawlitan-family-day-portraits-2013.

To learn more about the businesses involved visit:




Wishing you a happy Monday,


Linden Photography

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Family Day Pet Portraits

Family Day Pet Portraits

This Family Day exclusively through Cosmopawlitan, I will be offering
an option to have one beautiful image taken of your pet.

For a $25 fee you will receive one 4×6 printable image sent to your email address.

Larger sized images and prints are available for additional fees.

20% of the proceeds from each image taken will be going to The Dog Rescuers Inc.

It will be taking place February 18th from 12pm-3pm.

You can book your time in advance or drop by.

If you would like to learn more about the businesses mentioned above you can visit them here:


The Dog Rescuers Inc

I look forward to seeing you and you furry friend soon.

Lindsay Dewar
Linden Photography

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A New Addition to the Dewar Clan.

A New Addition to the Dewar Clan.

This is Whimsey Wisp of Misty Shore Cotons,  She is a black and white Coton de Tulear puppy.  Currently she is only 7 weeks old and just around 2lbs.  My family is very excited to be welcoming into our home in the next few weeks.  She is the newest addition to the Dewar clan.  Even though she is small, I see her as containing innocence, hope, and a new beginning. We love her already, this little one lights up our word.

When she arrives I am looking forward to introducing her to my world.  Expect to see updates on this wee one in the future.

If you have a pet that means something extra special to you as well, I would love to tell their story.  I find the creature, be them big or small, with fins, scales, tails or wings, we love them all.

This is the beginning of Whimsey’s Story.

Celebrating beginnings,

Lindsay Dewar

Linden Photography

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