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Finding Heaven within the Blooms. Preview.

Finding Heaven within the Blooms. Preview.

Finding Heaven within the Blooms.

I found heaven today.
Lost within blossoms.

Kissed by sunlight.
The world stopped by and waved.

People looked on and smiled.
Travelers took up the dance,
Before whisked off to their very faraway cities.

Photographers peered through their lenses
To capture a story I weaved.

I often pretend I am ordinary,
Averagely normal in my very tightly knit world.
But… I am a muse.

On this past Friday in April,
I added to everyone else’s adventure.
I watched as people smiled and waved.

As they posed and fussed.

I twirled, smiled and laughed.
I winked and fluttered.

And in this instance I was just myself.
I was purely happy with everything as it was.

I realized maybe in this moment,
I was just where I was always meant to be.


If you are in or around Toronto at this moment, do not walk, I implore you to run to High Park. There you will float within a dream. Perhaps, there you will find your own heaven on earth.  These blooms only happen for a couple weeks, they are fleeting, it is definitely a sight to see.

It is like looking at the feeling of pure love. Of poignant inspiration. This is spring in it’s finest.

This is a preview the full series will be released soon

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